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From humble beginnings to monumental feats

Poona Blind School and Home for the Blind was set up with the noble intention of helping the visually impaired to see the future bright and clear. Since then, the institution has grown from strength to strength and has achieved a respectable name in the field of education.

The Poona School and Home for the Blind was established at a rented premise in Somwar Peth, Pune, India

Vocational Training begins at Poona Blind School for Girls

A separate school premise for blind girls was built at Paud Road, Pune, India

Opening of Teachers Training Centre for Visually Impaired

Special Class for Low Vision Introduced

New School Bus Purchased

Earlier the school was only 4th Grade. Grade 5 and Grade 6 was introduced with the approval of Commissioner for Disabled, Maharashtra State Govt. and Education Dept. PMC Pune

Grade 7 Grade was introduced with the permission of Commissioner for Disabled, Maharashtra and Education Dept. PMC, Pune

Early Intervention Program for Visually Impaired Children from 3 years to 6 years of their age
(Day Care) started

Grade 8 was introduced. The school is now from Grade 1 to Grade 8 (Primary School)

Wife of Prime Minister of Ethiopia Mrs. Zinash Tayachu and her team visited this school. Shri Prataprao Pawar, Shri Abhijit Pawar, Mrs. Mrunal Pawar and several dignitaries were present