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The Annie Device

Annie is a one-of-its-kind self-learning Braille device. It is a device with which a student can learn reading and writing braille both collectively and individually.

The biggest issue with early-stage Braille learning is its requirement for one-on-one supervision, which slows down the process of learning.

The Annie-Smart-Class system solves for this through connected learning in a classroom, where the student can self-learn through typing and listening to the output all by himself/herself.

Description of the Annie

The Annie device is a lightweight, plastic-frame device where a student can read, write, and type on her own using a universally accepted Standard keyboard with 2 twin Braille Cells and a standard 6-Cell Braille display. The device has speakers connected for instant feedback as well as a simple slate display and navigation buttons to assist reading.

The connectivity of the Annie helps it allow for a large group supervision. With backup storage, the Annie allows the supervisor to analyse and monitor progress of a student over a period. This allows for self-learning with batch monitoring, making it possible to scale-up a classroom and make collective self-learning a reality.

The connectivity provided through ethernet and a USB port allows for pre-fed lessons and content to be read by the student, which makes it both a read and write device, unlike the Perkins Brailler.

The addition of speakers allows for a friendly human-voice-based interaction. The connectivity also allows for group level gamification, making learning fun.

Developed in India, the device is awaiting a patent for its unique features. The Annie Smart Class System has been set up in 5 centres in various parts of India.

For the Poona School and Home for the Blind, the manufacturer has enabled this device in Marathi in addition to the standard English version, thus making learning possible for children from the hinterland of Maharashtra.

We intend to source 10 devices for one classroom in the Poona Girls School, with each device costing Rs. 60,000.

WE BELIEVE THIS WILL BE A BIG BOOST TO THE SCHOOL and make learning fun for our children.

Author: Yuvan Chugh

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