Poona Blind School gets new play area

Poona Blind School gets new play area
PUNE: Cognizant Outreach, an IT, consulting and BPO company has set up a blind-friendly, indoor play area for the Poona Blind School for Boys located at Koregaon Park in Pune. Cognizant volunteers have been working closely with the Poona Blind School for Boys for over a year, and felt the need for recreation area for the visually impaired students in the age group of 6 to 10.

The volunteers then worked with a provider of multi-specialty rehabilitation products and services to set up a special play area, of 900 sqft comprising equipment such as ball pool, board walk, bolster swing, flying trapeze, platform swing, jungle gym, obstacle course, tunnel, tilt board and monster blocks.

Each play instrument helps accomplish a specific skill development objective, which helps the children develop vital sensations like touch sensation, overcome hyperactivity, decrease gravitational insecurity, increase equilibrium reaction, improve balance, increase movement sensation etc.

Under the aegis of Outreach, Cognizant volunteers have supported the school in various ways.

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