• Drama is another popular activity promoted by our team. We organize one major show a year, ranging from West End musicals to challenging dramas such as Anouilh’s Antigone. Students sing, act and dance, as well as operate the lighting desk. So there is no doubt that our drama studio and performance space are in constant use.

  • Apart from studies and music, students are also encouraged to participate in various extracurricular activities, games and camps. As sports play an important role in the growth and development of a child’s personality, we encourage students to participate in all kinds of sports. Our students participate in various local, regional and national level sports competitions. They also participate in Braille reading and writing competitions and outdoor sports organized by us, the Lions Club and the Rotary club at a local, regional and national level.

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    We give vocational training to blind women as well. The boys are trained in chalk making, candle making, cane work etc. Women are trained in rescanning, weaving, hand loom articles, chalk and candle making, knitting, simple sewing, job work, envelope making, etc. For personal development of the trainees, daily living skills, home management, orientation, domestic art and crafts are also included as daily activities.

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    The Master- Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar visited the blind students in January 2011. He felicitated them, and also had an interactive session with the students. Students of Pune Blind School are all set to celebrate the World Blind Day in a special way by creating an audio book on the Master batsman Sachin Tendulkar.

  • The Governor of Maharashtra, Mr. K.Shankarnarayan, visited the blind school campus in 2010. He paid special attention to students’ activities, and also interacted with them personally. Students served by The Governor Morehead School for the Blind will achieve their highest individual potentials through on-going assessments and consistent, enthusiastic practice of high expectation in both academic and Expanded Core Curriculum areas.

  • Students at the blind school have been equipped with skills to survive in the outside world. They frequently participate in inter-school activities like normal students. These photos are taken at a scout-guide meet, which took place at international guide centre at Yerwada, Pune.